1200 E 25th St. Lawrence, KS 66046

Who are we?

Our mission is to help people with credit challenges, and often face many socio-economic disadvantages, improve their lives. With Navicar, that starts with reliable transportation. We want to be your financial partner working with you down the path towards acquiring a more dependable car using our proprietary vehicle lease financing system.

Our motto is that “our company can’t succeed unless we put our customers in a position to succeed”. With our digital buying experience you get to shop online, from the comfort of your home, and have the vehicle delivered to your driveway. We understand that when you have credit challenges it is difficult to obtain a dependable car that you can be proud of. There is almost no part of daily life that is not impacted by lack of a good vehicle.

Research shows that access to a dependable car and auto financing is critical to getting and keeping a better job, maintaining relationships with family and friends and giving people an opportunity to enhance their overall quality of life. With over 50 years of combined auto finance and retail experience we use our industry expertise to provide financing for credit challenged customers to get affordable, fully inspected, lower mile, newer vehicles.

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